The Fuchsia Season is slowly coming to its end,

and this is- in my case- unfortunately as early as the start of October

despite them still flourishing luxuriously.


Living at an elevation of about 700m a.s. there is a good chance of night frost and snow at mid October, so at the end of the Fuchsia Season the plants should be prepared to be placed in the greenhouse previously. This, in my opinion, is to strip them of all leafs and blossoms and cut them back right to the old wooden part of the branches. To demonstrate that here are two photos from “Nicis Findling”:

Nici's Findling nach dem Schnitt

Nicis Findling post fall cut


Nicis Findling vor dem Herbst-Schnitt

Nicis Findling pre fall cut














Another example given, with “Straat Futami” in comparison:


Straat Futami vor dem Herbst-Schnitt

Straat Futami pre fall cut

Straat Futami nach Herbstschnitt

Straat Futami post fall cut















This is the saddest part of the season to me, cutting back and therefore “destroying” plants blossoming still in abundance, but this has to be done to prevent them from a total loss during winter. And though i know that this dire work takes me up to two weeks with my about 400 Fuchsias, i have to start early enough and be happy if the weather does not turn to ugly, being stormy, cold or rainy. Before placing the plants in the greenhouse they should possibly dry, sa well as the cut, to prevent them from a germ infection. This takes a few days, but some plants may even need a few weeks!   Some more photos from cut back plants and “teardrops” at the cut:

Wilma Versloot nach dem Herbst-Schnitt

Wilma Versloot post fall cut


Geesche nach dem Herbst-Schnitt

Geesche post fall cut

weinende Fuchsie

Fuchsia with “teardrop”

weinende Fuchsie

Fuchsia with “teardrop”






































This year, 2014,  i was lucky with the weather, closing the season without to warm clothes and continually wet gloves. Therefore the work, as despise-able as it may be, was at agreeable compared to other years with nasty conditions.

Fuchsien nach dem Herbst-Schnitt

Fuchsien with fall-cut


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