‘Ann G.’ is the Fuchsia of the Week 17/2015.

This is a typical Fuchsia from the atelier of the Fuchsia-Gardener Marcel Michiels from Belgium

Crossbreeding the Hybrids “Manfried Kleinau” and “First Lord” the result is “Ann G”, listed in 2008 with the “Keuringskommissie” in Belgium.

Fuchsia Ann G.

Fuchsia Ann G.

This is a beauty to my liking: middle sized double blossoms, resistant to direct sunlight and blossoming in abundance from June through October. The color is in my opinion fascinating: the salmon-colored sepals show light green tips, and the petals with the same color will give sight to corollas in titian red while opening; an unusual combination, with a glorious result.

The growth of the hybrid is semi-hanging. It branches out quite good, but does grow somehow slowly. Therefore it might be cultivated within the same pot in the same place if given enough fertilizer. I do that while watering continuously from April through August. There is no pest-problem, but it is regularly visited from innocuous insects.

I picked this hybrid though i am visiting the Nursery Michiels this week. It may be otherwise obtained at Fuchsiengärtnerei Guttmann in Vienna.


This is a perfect time to travel to Belgium to visit the Royal Greenhouses in Laaken. And 3 weeks later i will do a short trip to the Lake Neusiedl close to Vienna. This is a good possibility to link some short vacations with my FuchsiaMania!







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