Fuchsia John Maynard Scales – Fuchsia of the Week 37/2014

is- by it’s appearance- easily to be recognized as a Triphylla-Hybrid.

The hybridizer Edwin Goulding from GB introduced the result of crossing “Thalia” and”F. vulgens var. gesneriana” in 1985.

Fuchsia John Maynard Scales

Fuchsia John Maynard Scales

Why this name was given or who was to be honored is unfortunately not known to me. But i do know that it is quite a honor that such a hybrid is given ones name, because this is a glorious Fuchsia. As a typical Triphylla overwintering should be above 6°C. Within my greenhouse there is enough light and of course often an even higher temperature, and therefore it needs some water now and than during winter to prevent it from drying out completely.

Being cut back completely and defoliated in October, the first new leafs will start as early as December or january. The new sprouts do only grow slow without fertilizer, but one will not be kept waiting to long until the first blossoms will make an appearance, if given additional light during February.


Fuchsia John Maynard Scales

Fuchsia John Maynard Scales

This year it started flourishing in mid May, and the photo to the left is from that time. There is no recess in flourishing since then, the picture above is taken within these days!

Though i do love the color orange with fuchsias and my husband is quite fond of triphyllas, i am very happy to own such a fuchsia, even if it is more dementing during the winter. Contrary to that there are no problems during summer, even in direct sunlight and rain. And up to now it came well through all thunderstorms.

Fortunately there was only infrequent and light hail in our region the last years, and due to my hobby i can only hope that it will go on like this!

And here an important information: This Hybrid may be acquired at the Nursery Michiels (Belgium, worldwide shipment) or at the Nursery Guttman (Vienna, Austria, no shipment).
















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