Fuchsia Bicentennial – Fuchsia of the Week 32/2014

was introduced by the Californian Ted Paskesen in 1976 on the occasion of the 200. Anniversary of the United States of America.

And not only by that this Fuchsia is a very special one,

though there are only a few hybrids with large, double blossoms of this color. And that was exactly what the hybridizer aimed at quite some time.

Fuchsia Bicentennial

Fuchsia Bicentennial

Especially this color is not a simple orange, but a striking pattern of different range and red hues. And the white tubes are of a beautiful contrast.

And there are some more positive features of this hybrid i want to emphasize: e.g. there are quite long, flexible branches, giving it a huge tolerance toward gusty wind. The first blossoms are to be seen in my greenhouse early in spring, but it should be nonetheless cut back to grow as a lush, large hanging basket.

This Fuchsia is spectacular in direct sunlight as well as in the half-shade. Being a Californian, it will tolerate even ardor and does seldom pause flourishing, if ever.





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