Fuchsia Lengenfelder Dunkle – Fuchsia of the week 18/2014

is an easy-care, darksome Fuchsia, therefore suitable for any location and for any possesor!

The hybridizer of this Fuchsia is Wade Burkhart from the USA, who is a resident in Germany- precisely in Bavaria- now many years. There he discovered his love to Fuchsias and started crossbreeding them.

Fuchsia Lengenfelder Dunkle

His phrase for hybridizing is “playing to be a bee”! From crossbreeding “Rohees Rana” and “Oskar Lehmeier” resulted the Fuchsia Lengenfelder Dunkle, introduced in 2007. The name was derived from a small town in Bavaria, and “Dunkle”-translated “darksome”- points to the fact that W. Burkhart did try hard for some time to hybridize Fuchsias with dark corollas. Especially this Hybrid is a remarkable success in this: growing rapidly and blossoming in abundance from early summer to the frost, it is without problems in overwintering and resistant to illness or vermin. So, it already started blossoming with the warm spring-weather this year:


Fuchsie Lengenfelder Dunkle

Lengenfelder Dunkle

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