Start of the Replanting of the Fuchsias in March

as an important Preparation towards the Onset of Blossoming.

There was a lot of sunshine during the last days, and the temperature within the greenhouse exceeded 20°C repeatedly, causing me to leave the door open during daytime. My Fuchsias obviously quitted the overwintering due to these conditions and started growing diligently. This is the time for me to try to spray them 1-2 times a week with warm water and add a leaf-fertilizer to that. But due to this intense sunshine i fear that, placing water drops on the leafs, would endanger them, despite the shading my beloved husband applied to the west front of the windows. And, beside that, i don’t want to rise the humidity to far shortly before closing the door to keep the still chilly temperature of nights out. Therefore no fertilizer during the last 10 days!

Somehow the nutricient intensive Fuchsias are seriously in need of fertilizer to grow. Given this, whats better than to start replanting them? Each customary planting soil, suited to blossoming plants, contains fertilizer at last for the first 6 weeks. And to that i add, following the advice of renown Fuchsia-growers, a reasonable amount of horn-chips as an additional source of nitrogen, but this is only suitable to the older and larger Fuchsias, not the smaller grown the recent year!

Whether i have to use a larger pot or not i do decide when the roots are exposed:

Beim Umtopfen

During replanting


This Fuchsia on the right is well suited with the current pot size! I do only remove the compressed soil of the last year and loosen up the roots, taking care not to damage the new, white roots. And beside that i do, of course, have a close look for vermin’s of any kind within the soil. The plant is than replanted in the old pot and given new substrate.

Than, of course, the plant is watered and the sprouts are cut back, if necessary, and than its done, at last for this time. This photo demonstrates clearly, that i keep the fuchsias quite dry at that time, not keeping them from growing out rapidly.



Beim Umtopfen

During replanting




Other than that is the rootstock of this Fuchsia in the left photo: the has been filled with healthy roots from bottom to top. The diameter was 21cm. The next size will be 24cm, and i do remove as well the compressed, crusty soil at the top and replant with new soil. Of course watering is mandatory, and beside that a quick photo! And, at 14°C, i felt save leaving it some time outside the greenhouse!




Billy Green nach dem Umtopfen

Fuchsia Billy Green, replanted


Today there was a perfect day in spring to do this work, but the weather forecast announced cold weather during the next weekend, and therefore i had to place the Fuchsias back into the greenhouse after their “summer resort”.



This action will be repeated shortly with all the ap. 300 Fuchsias, and this will give me a lot of time to happily anticipate the upcoming season, which is merely prepared with this work.


And, as motivation, a photo of this “Billy Green” from September last year:

Fuchsia Billy Green

Fuchsia Billy Green













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