Fuchsia Murru’s Perfecta – Fuchsia of the week 8/2014

Nomen est Omen, that´s the case with this Fuchsia!

This perfect beauty we ow to the diligence of the gardener Victoire Murru from Belgium. He crossbred two cultivars of his former breedings- some years old: Marie-Thérèse Paring- given the name of his wife- and Vicmarther. Obviously this new hybrid pleased him that much that he introduced it as “Murrus Perfecta” 1999.


Fuchsia Murru's Perfecta

Fuchsia Murru’s Perfecta

Without any exaggeration: Anyone who will have a look at that Fuchsia will be most delighted! But this has to be achieved with patience and endurance, because this cultivar is not available in to many places. And, if one finally could obtain a plant, the Fuchsia is a bit tricky to care for, and so- in my humble opinion and to my grievance- not best suited for  beginners at Fuchsias.






Murru's Perfecta

Murru’s Perfecta


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