Care for the Fuchsias in the greenhouse in January

Whether it is snowing or freezing outdoors, in the greenhouse the heater maintains a temperature above 6°C. To keep the costs of heating at bay, the windows should be regularly controlled for tightness. It already happened, that- during warmer and windy weather, when the windows were opened by the heat dependent openers- they were shifted and did not close exactly any more. The greenhouse is quite a good one, being a hobbyist, but: to trust is good, but better watch the gadgets!


Some of my fuchsias are already sprouting considerably. This is a challenge towards the care for the fuchsias. To slow them down, i restrict water pretty much. On the other hand, a few young sprouts dryed out already, therefore i have to be very cautious with this measure. To administer the right amount of water is not at all less tricky in january than the other year, but of course the dosage is much lower. Its always to keep the balance between drying out, keep the plant healthy, promote the growth and “drowning” the plant, risking rotting of the roots. I am at my best with this with plants i do know a long time. To reduce the need of pouring water i spray the fuchsias at average of 1 per week in the whole greenhouse with temperate water with a little bit of detergent to get it sticky to the wood.


In the small propagation-greenhouse i did spray as well, but in this case without detergent. In that case i use a universal fungicide, to save the cuttings from getting moldy in the humid air.


There are some more cuttings up to now, and i started to spray them with a special fertilizer in a very low dosage, which is taken up via the leaves. As you can see, there are some fuchsia cuttings higher than the others. These are cuttings of the fuchsia “Libelle”, which is grown throughout the winter within my house, without cutting it back in autumn. I placed the long cuttings in a glass with water, until roots showed up and than planted them in soil. There are many garden-hobbyists applying only this second method of proliferating cuttings. In my experience both methods work well with the same results, but you will need longer cuttings for the second. If you can contribute any experiences, please use the comment-box.

Fuchsien-Stecklinge im Januar

Fuchsia Cuttings in January


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