Cuttings: Starting the year 2014


The moon is descending, and i am keen enough to try the first cuttings this year!

First i take the cuttings. The sprouts are long enough to leave to leaf-pairs at the plant, and the cutting has 3 leaf-pairs. I do cut the bottom-most leaf-pair, thereby exposing that node. Then i reduce larger leaves with a sharp scissor. At last i truncate the exposed node with a sharp cut and put that part in root growth powder.



Fuchsiea cutting





The small pots are already watered and drip-dry, and after stabing a hole with a stick i plant the cuttings.

Pflanztopf vorbereitet

Prepared pot










And of course i did not miss to name them!

Steckling der Champion

Cutting of the Fuchsia Champion

This cutting is exceptional, growing 3 leafs of one node. If it grows well, i will consider to grow a half-standard or standard fuchsia of it.


The Fuchsia Champion being quite busy growing new sprouts, i planted 4 cuttings together in a larger pot:


4 Stecklinge der Fuchsie Champion

4 Stecklinge der Fuchsie Champion

Now its time to place these pots in a small greenhouse, which will be placed in the large one on a plate of styropor. Above that is a heating mat to temperate the soil and the pots. The small plants do not at all love cold feet! A thermostat keeps the temperature at 20°C. And than i spray them with warm water to rise the humidity, before closing the small greenhouse.

Bodenheizung mit Fühler

Heating mat with thermo-sensor







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