‘Champion’ is the Fuchsia of the Week 11/2015.

This year is quite young, but this Fuchsia is already very old!

This hybrid was already introduced in 1868 by the breeders E. Smith or E. Banks (?) in the UK. Unfortunately I do not know more about the lineage. But i am not at all surprised that off all this hybrid is still known since almost 150 years, given that it is beautiful and easy to care for.

Fuchsia Champion

Fuchsia Champion

The striking colored middle-sized blossoms grow from early summer until frost in a light, semi-shaded location. And opposed to the saying of some critics of vintage Fuchsias that they are humble and common these blossoms with the curved sepals are everything but humble and common. In the contrary: the name “Champion” is well suited here! The hybrid is much less susceptible to vermin ore illness than the more recent. And if infected at last, it will recover fast of it. Overwintering is no problem as well, the same as propagating through cuttings. There are pictures of these cuttings within this blog a year ago. Therefore i gave away some these plants to other fuchsia-enthusiasts. For this hybrid to vanish due to overage would just be to sad, even though some “experts” rate it as to bland contrary to the modern hybrids. Luckily i did obtain this beauty, to be recommended to novices as well, at the Fuchsia-Paradise Fuhrmann in Augsburg/ Germany (now closed). Nowadays this hybrid is not sold any more in many nurseries, but i found it in the liste of Fuchsiengärtnerei Bechtel, Fuchsiengärtnerei Breuckmann and Fuchsiengärtnerei Himmelreich.

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