Fuchsia Adriaan van Bylant – Fuchsia of the Week 16/2014

sticks out even in half-shade with its light-green leafs

maybe because they are somehow special on a Fuchsia.

Fuchsia Adriaan van Bylant

Fuchsia Adriaan van Bylant


This hybrid is still quite young and a product of a crossbreed between the british Fuchsia “Pink La Campanella” and the belgish “Zonnedauw”, being closer in appearance to the mother plant: it shows comparatively small, compact blossoms with a large portion of pink, and they are filled like that of the father plant. The breeder was Jos Cuppens from Belgium, who tested the hybrid 3 years and introduced and named it in 2009. The name “van Bylandt” is from some nobility of the lower Rhine country, and the given name Adriaan was popular within that family in the 16. and 17. century. But why this special name was chosen is not known to me. Other than growing upright its blossoms do not seem noble, but somehow more cute by the baby-pink color.


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