Fuchsia Delta’s Groom – Fuchsia of the Week 15/2014

blossoms most beautiful at a cooler place in the shade

and is therefore an ideal hybrid on a balcony or in a flower-box at the northern side of a house.


Fuchsia Delta's Groom'

Fuchsia Delta’s Groom’

This special Fuchsia with the umbrella-like, large blossoms is from the Netherlands, and the special blossoms are a reference to its lineage from the American Fuchsia “Citation”, but the corollas of this “parent” is pure white. “Delta’s Groom” was crossbred by Vreeke and van’t Westeinde with the above mentioned hybrid and a descendant of “Rina Felix” and “Shy Lady”, with only “Rina Felix” presenting this bright, purple-red color. “Delta’s Groom” was introduced 1993 and soon had quite many enthusiastic fans. Growing sturdy upright it produces- given enough fertilizers- many blossoms without stop until frost and is resistant against illness or vermin. But: direct sunlight and high temperatures are not appreciated by this hybrid!





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