Fuchsia Weleveld – Fuchsia of the Week 12/2014

coming from a famous and renown german Fuchsia-breeder: Karl Struemper,


Fuchsia Weleveld


even that the Fuchsia has been given a dutch name.


K. Struemper was not even a professional gardener, but did his job as an engine-driver with the German Rail-Track the last 25 years until retirement, being infested with the “Fuchsia-Virus” since then and spending his time with these beautiful flowers. Starting as a collector he later, 30 years ago, moved on to crossbreeding them, and the proud result of this long-term devotion are up to now more than 400 different hybrids from his hand! During this time he crossed 1996 the both Hybrids “Cymon” and “Wastl”. He introduced the result 2002 and the name given was “Weleveld”. This is a very elegant Hybrid with a delicate color, which- being kept in half-shade-  enchants the spectator.







Fuchsia Weleveld

Fuchsia Weleveld




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