What amount of light do Fuchsias need?

Most of the Fuchsias are long-daylight blossoming plants,

and therefore they only start to grow buds if there is more than 12 hours light a day. Given that they only and earliest start blossoming 6-8 weeks past the date with 12 hours daylight, and that is at our place at best the beginning of May. The blossoming might be speeded up by applying some light during night until 21. March(day and night equality), and i started 1 week ago to do that.


Gewächshaus bei Nacht

Greenhouse at night


Lampe im Gewächshaus

Lampe im Gewächshaus


To do that my greenhouse has a special growth-light installed at the top, pre-programmed to give light from 9:00-12:00 p.m., utilizing the reduced power-rate at night.

But i do only start doing that within the second half of February, to prevent my “old” Fuchsias to start growing buds to early, for i wanted to get cuttings from them before that. Cuttings tend to grow roots badly at the time they are growing buds, if they do it at all.




Looking out of the window at night at my bright lit greenhouse my anticipation for the coming season with abundant blossoming Fuchsias grows. But that will still take some time, and i have to comfort myself now with the few blossoms  that are already to be seen in the greenhouse; there are, luckily, some with less demands towards light. They are called daylight-neutral, and among them are the Triphylla-Hybrids, but those do only need higher temperatures during overwintering then the others. One of these is my Fuchsia Mantilla, showing up with some scattered, but very beautifull blossoms!


Fuchsia Mantilla

Fuchsia Mantilla






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