Fuchsia Chang – Fuchsia of the Week 09/2014

This week starts with a lot of sunshine,

and therefore a Fuchsia that loves the sun, as “Chang”, is quite fitting! This cultivar was breeded by the Couple Hazard in the USA and introduced in 1946. As stated by experts, they likely used the Section F. splendens for hybridization, or F. cordifolia. Anyway, the Fuchsia Chang with its multiple pagoda-form blossoms is shining with a striking orange color.


Fuchsie Chang

Fuchsia Chang

The cultivar is growing quite fast with inflexible, longish sprouts and has to be pruned regularly to achieve a bushy plant, though the cultivar does not branch out of its own. Therefore it is quite suitable to grow regulars or trained brushes. But “Chang” is spectacular in any form- best in full sunlight!


Some authors claim that this cultivar should be overwintered above 10°C. Within my greenhouse- above 6°C- i had up to now no problems at all with “Chang” during winter.


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