Fuchsia Blossoms in the Greenhouse in February

Part 1

Daytime is- again- increasing.

The increasing duration of daylight induces some Fuchsias to grow buds and even blossoms. Some cultivars do that regularly in february, others are this year starting exceptional early!


The delicate “Feste de Flores” is among these early ones each year


Fuchsia Festa de Flores

Festa de Flores


the same as “Careless Whisper”.

Fuchsia Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper


The big, thick “Wuschel” is also showing up each year in February,


Fuchsia Wuschel



and likewise “Rohees New Millennium” and “Silbernes Erzgebirge”:

Fuchsia Rohees New Millennium

Rohees New Millennium


Fuchsia Silbernes Erzgebirge

Silbernes Erzgebirge













And the “De Oelewappers” is growing the blossoms directly out of the wooden sprout:


Fuchsia De Oelewappers

De Oelewappers



I am very delighted about the first buds of this weeks “Fuchsia of the week” Zets Alpha:

Knospen Fuchsia Zets Alpha

Buds of Zets Alpha


More photos of Fuchsias starting to blossom coming soon!




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