Some Fuchsias blossoming in january

Fuchsia Blossoms in January are quite touching….

….and i am proud of them!


There might be quite some discussion or philosophical dispute, wether the shape or nature of the plant and also the form or color of the leaves may be as well decisive for declaring a fuchsia to be beautiful.

True that might be in some way. But, getting my opinion honestly right to the point: the best thing with blossoming plants are their blossoms! A well renown owner of a Fuchsia-Nursery told me some time: “If they are not blossoming, i might as well sell vegetables or salad!”


I am touched, because these blossoming Fuchsias are by no means cultivated through winter without being cut back in autumn, as one might state by the woody main sprouts. Despite this radical cutting back in October they are not respecting their “overwintering” and- without fertilizer and producing more or less leaves- want to present their beauty once again. That might not be perfect in all cases up to now, but: respect! I do feel that i should be proud at last a bit about this, though it can be seen as a result of my good care for them, even during winter…


And this post is about sharing this pleasure of fuchsias blossoming in january with other Fuchsia enthusiasts.


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