Fuchsia Cherry – Fuchsia of the week 4/2014

Obeisance to Wolfram Goetz


This well renown german Fuchsia-breeder died a few days ago. This is sad news. But his cultivars remain with us, pleasing us with an early blossoming in abundance- if the plant is properly nourished-, above that being of a merry appearance. This zest for life should forever been accompanied with him!


About 1994 he crossbreeded the Fuchsia-cultivars Lisi and Fenja, waiting until 1997 to present the new cultivar to the public, naming it Cherry for good reason.


Fuchsie Cherry

Fuchsia Cherry





Among the Fuchsia-Enthusiasts there should be hardly anyone who is able to evade the charm of this small, but countless Blossoms, the luminescent cherry-colour showing of to the distance- and even attracting hummingbird hawk moths.


Fuchsie Cherry mit Taubenschwänzchen

Fuchsie Cherry with hummingbird hawk moth

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