Preparing the Propagation with Cuttings

Some of my Fuchsias in the greenhouse are sprouting rapidly. I have to start pinching, to grow the plants bushy and keep them from getting to widespreading. This is the right time to plant cuttings, other then waisting the cuts. Scince i read a few articles about that the best time to plant is the time of the descending moon, i will have to wait 3 more days to cut the plants. But i am quite impatient and looking forward to it!

And these are some of the Fuchsias that are to be cut:


Austrieb Champion

Sprout of Champion

Austrieb Peppermint Candy

Sprout of Peppermint Candy

Austrieb Blautopf

Sprout of Blautopf

Austrieb Masquerade

Sprout of Masquerade

As a further preparation i have drilled holes in the bottom of plastic-schnappscups (diameter 5cm) and filled them with seeding-soil and do water them. Before planting the cuttings i will water and drain more of them, to have plenty for all my cuttings.


Vorbereitung Pflanztöpfe

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