Every Fuchsia has its Name!

Every Fuchsia has its Name!

25 years ago i owned some nice Fuchsias, their colors red and white in different variations, being presented on my balcony. Up to 15years ago i did not know about any other differentiation’s. Visiting the most marked-gardens or even super-marked, you wount find any other diversification such as  “Fuchsia-Hybrid”- upright or hanging. A little bit further might lead a classification of the blossom on the label: “simple”, “half-filled” or “filled”.

This fuzziness in the declaration can be found with almost any plants, even at the favored, noble roses. Think as well of the gardens showing an abundance of Tulips in any variety of forms and colors.


So why taking the difficulty to learn the names, though they might even be hard to remember and possibly in a foreign language?


Referring to short blossoming onion-plants i personally do not find it as important* to learn the names, compared to more demanding plants as Roses and Fuchsias!

But why learning names of Fuchsia-Hybrids:

  1. There is a much better chance to get information about the lineage, the origin and the species and therefore the demands of that peculiar Fuchsia
  2. You can search for exactly that Hybrid or buy it in a specialised market-garden, even if it is a juvenile plant or early in the season, before blossoms** show. Often you might be in need for that if you want to get hold fast of this special Fuchsia, or more of them or if you are not yet ready to overwintering ore reproducing them. There may as well be some friends or relatives of yours who fell in love with your special Fuchsia and are pleading you urgently to help them to purchase exactly that hybrid. Or you consider to give to them a favored present.
  3. If you want to share your reproduced plants and your knowledge with other Fuchsia-Afficionados, you are far better off if you know the names.
  4. And- think of that- it is a good mental training to memorize the names, linking mental activity to an aesthetic theme. By all what is known today it is quite accepted that mental training in this peculiar form is best featured to postpone the evolution or slow down the progression of dementia, witch we all do fear.


*  My very personal humble opinion, dont feel offended if you think otherwise.

**  Caution: Mistaking the name due to the aspect of a plant ore a few blossoms is possible. This is because of different light-color, state of development of the blossom and depth of knowledge of the spectator.

(Original Post by Siglinde in German, translation by Volker)

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