Fuchsias = Shadow-Plants?

Fuchsias = Shadow-Plants?

This statement is to general and therefore false, but this opinion did possibly in many cases cause first contact of Fuchsia-passionates with these lovely plants.


Starting to try new locations with single Fuchsias, who disappoint with their flourishing and espacially with their rate of blossoming, will lead to more and more surprises to the amount of sun-radiation most of the fuchsias tolerate or need. And that best in locations with mild direct sunlight in the morning or evening-sun.


I can really recommend this “trial and error”-method; its fun and leeds to astonishing insights!


Of course first you should be sure that

  • there is no vermin that causes the problems
  • the water supply is adequate
  • the fertilizer is of the right composition and dosage

No chance, i am not going to write a knew book in this place about Fuchsias; there are enough in adequate quality. This is only about making some of my experiences feasible to You and removing restraints to deal with these beautiful plants.


The summary: Often enough insufficient growth of Fuchsia-hybrids is mostly a problem of an inadequate location, try it Yourself!


You have to try different locations with different sun-intensity to tell witch Fuchsia-hybrid will flourish best in what condition and what it cannot tolerate at all. Only through this experience  i came up with lists about “Fuchsias to be kept in shade” and “Fuchsias for very sunny locations”. The most other Fuchsias are in between, or i have not yet enough experience of relocation them.


There is an extensive list of sun tolerating Fuchsias (in German, but easily accessible to these who do not speak that language) by the gardener Rosi Friedel, but even she, beeing very experienced, does not claim the completion of that list.


(Original Post by Siglinde in German, translation by Volker)

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