Recommended Fuchsias

Soon the season will start again, and this is the appropriate time to consider which Fuchsias should be used to embellish ones place. Though i know that i am hardly the only one looking forward with joy, i want to present some hybrids here that will please without to much effort. But, of course, there are many hybrids out there i do not know up to now. This compilation is therefore not conclusive! But this is to make others consider surrounding themselves with these lovely plants, even if they are not overly experienced with them.

You don’t have to be a specialist to care for this hybrids, but watering should be done properly, not to less and not to much, and fertilizers should be given regularly.

To get things right: recommendable Fuchsias are not always those being very dear to me; but they may get there! Some of my dearest Fuchsias are complicated to care for and somehow bitchy, therefore demanding. To meet their needs it is necessary to be experienced quite some time with Fuchsias.

This chapter is dedicated to those easy to care for and rewarding in growth.


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